Plug FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about Plug and how to send tokens.

You bet! The PLUG Exchange is designed to be an easy-to-use, transparent and trustworthy platform for users. We provide you with minimal slippage and the best possible prices because we have multiple chains linked together.

Everything! Users can trade almost any crypto assets on PLUG. We are the best in everything, from providing you with the best prices to the best liquidity with the lowest fees you could ever imagine.

PLUG provides you with secure access to multiple DEXs and works out the best rates for you by comparing the different networks and DEXs. We also offer NFTs, Yield Framing, DeFi functions, and Swaps.

PLUG compares thousands of DEXs and Networks for different fee structures, so users don't have to struggle switching their tabs now and then. Since we're the aggregators with all the Decentralized Exchanges available on a single platform, you'll never have the liquidity issue. Don't believe it? Just ask!

We use DeFi apps that are completely transparent and allow users to have personalized wallets and have a direct interaction without third-party involvement.

Unlike centralized exchanges, where you have the conventional buyer to seller method involving banks or other authorities, in DEX, you can keep all your tokens secure. And PLUG offers you full control of your tokens. There is also no high rate in DEX, unlike in the Centralized exchanges.

Absolutely! You do not need any permission to move on with your operations. You are free to interact without any limitations.

No, we do not charge any transaction fee. You only pay to the DEXes. Plus, you also benefit from high yield returns!

Yes. We do not require your personal details. Nor do we check on users and their accounts.

There is no fee involvement here, and anyone can be a liquidity provider by depositing tokens or receiving pool tokens.

No doubt, Yes. You can do everything here, from trading assets to buying insurance or lending. Summing up, you can do pretty much everything.

We provide multichain technology which enables traders to swap with minimal price slippage.

The transparency you find here is one-of-a-kind, unique to the DeFi Model.

We bring you all your trades in one place, and then PLUG checks and provides you the best options with profitable trading options at the lowest gas fee.

Token swap with PLUG is the most secure way you can trade your tokens with other networks.